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What says romance better than a dozen roses? How about thousands of roses, along with lilies, tulips, philodendrons, and every other flower you can imagine.
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indonesia_bogorThere are four branches of the Indonesian Botanic Gardens on both Java and Bali. They’re part of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Bogor and Cibodas gardens are located in West Java, Purwodadi in East Java, and Eka Karya in Bali.

When Indonesia was a Dutch colony, the gardens were founded 180 years ago as ‘s Lands Plantentuin by Casper Georg Carl Reinwardt, a German who had moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and studied natural sciences, specializing in botany and chemistry. The Dutch managed the Garden again from 1945 until 1949 — when Indonesia gained full independence, took charge of the Garden and renamed it Kebun Raya (Great Garden in Bahasa).

The Bogor Botanic Garden, the country’s first, includes 87 hectares of trees, flowers, lawns and ponds as well as conducting research and working on conservation techniques. Bogor has plants from all over the world, Cibodas is notable for its collection of plants found in cool, high altitude environments. Purwodadi features many plants dependent upon more seasonal climate of East Java, and the high altitude garden in Bali has a large collection of conifers and Indonesian montane species.

Situated 1300 to 1425 meters high on the slopes of Mount Gede-Pangrango, Cibodas Botanic Garden covers about 125 hectares of undulating topography, with large grassy expanses, rocky coniferous areas, and valleys filled with tree ferns and waterfalls. Cibodas was founded in 1862 by the botanist and curator Johannes Elias Teysjmann as an extension of the Bogor Botanic Garden. The average rainfall there is 2380 mm, and the weather is cool (18°C) and moist. The Garden is located ± 45 km southeast of Bogor, or ± 100 km southeast of Jakarta.

Purwodadi Botanic Garden is located at Purwodadi, in the countryside of Pasuruan, East Java and is situated on the main road which connects three cities in East Java; Malang, Surabaya and Pasuruan. It is about 24 km from Malang, 30 km from Pasuruan and 70 km from the capital Surabaya. It covers an area of 85 hectares at an altitude of about 300 m above sea level. The average annual rainfall is 2366 mm. This garden was established in 1939 by Dr D.F. van Slooten, as one of three branches of the Indonesian Botanic Gardens. Purwodadi is used as a place for conservation and research on semi arid lowland plant species.

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