2021’s Most Romantic Gardens in the U.S.
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By Brenda Ryan for LawnStarter
What says romance better than a dozen roses? How about thousands of roses, along with lilies, tulips, philodendrons, and every other flower you can imagine.
You …

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Flower of the Day: Foxglove

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The island of Oban, just off the southern coast of New Zealand, is sparsely populated and replete with wildflowers.

This foxglove was spotted by our photographer growing along the main road.

Foxglove (the popular name for digitalis) is a genus of about 20 species of herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and biennials, according to Wikipedia.

There is a dark side to its beauty, because the entire plant is toxic (including the roots and seeds). The leaves of the upper stem are particularly potent, with just a nibble said to be sometimes sufficient to cause death (a great many murder mysteries have taken advantage of this attribute).

Dead Man’s Bells and Witches’ Gloves — alternate names for foxglove – are testament to its potentially deadly uses.

(Photo ©2011 by Susan McKee)

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