2023’s Best U. S. Cities for Local Flowers
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Looking at five floral categories in the 200 largest U.S. cities, Lawn Love came up with these two lists.
They checked out access to flower shops and specialty-cut flower vendors, consumer ratings, and the number of …

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London-Designed Faux Green Walls

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UpScapers is breaking worldwide distribution records here in the US with the launch of Vistafolia. Vistafolia, a high-end uber-realistic faux green wall system designed by London-based horticulturist Paul Alder. Alder, known for his amazing accolades at numerous UK garden shows as well as his tenure running some of Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Gardens began his Vistafolia journey eight years ago designing and engineering the most realistic, high-performance faux green wall system ever made. Vistafolia is the first of its kind with no close competitor.

UpScapers provides a turn-key installation and resale network for Vistafolia here in the US, Canada, Mexico, and outlying US islands. “Getting the word out is so vital in the introduction to this industry-changing product,” said Jackie Wiener, co-founder of UpScapers in Nashville Tennessee. “The best way to let people know that this amazingly beautiful system is now available in the US is through a trusted network of partners.”

If there’s one thing Wiener knows it’s how to grow a trusted network of partners. Her background in the early days of synthetic grass, starting back in 2010, has given her an immense amount of insight into what a new faux landscape product can do for US consumers and who is best to deliver that message. This experience also gives an edge on what it takes to properly support a vast network of resellers learning to implement a new product into their product portfolio and the support and tools needed to properly educate commercial and residential consumers as well as master the installation to ensure the utmost realism and beauty of every Vistafolia wall.

“What makes Vistafolia special is the quality in manufacturing and engineering. Not only does it provide nearly identical benefits to living biophilic design without the cost or maintenance worry of traditional green walls, it is fire rated, truly UV stable, and has an industry-leading warranty to back it up,” said Wiener.

UpScapers and her resellers have distributed more than 7,300 panels in the US in 2021 alone and are on track to double that number in 2022 with existing commitments. That’s nearly 52,000 sq. ft. of green wall in 2021.

“The biggest consumers of Vistafolia right now are the multi-family community,” said Wiener. They are looking to renovate space post-covid and incorporate the benefits of biophilic design. “Hospitality is also an avid consumer, looking for gorgeous, true-to-life greenery without the ongoing maintenance,” Wiener explained.

Resellers benefit from having a local contact who truly knows the space and who can help them navigate anything from value engineering to the advanced design and technical product and installation inquiries. This simply isn’t possible when trying to go direct to copy-cat products out of China.

“We are proud to support more than 40 North American Resellers and are growing that number every day,” said Wiener. “We are humbled and honored to hold the spot of highest-grossing distribution and installation partner worldwide for Vistafolia LTD in London and look forward to broadening the reach and introduction of this amazing biophilic design system in the coming years.”

About UpScapers
Established in 2020, UpScapers designs and installs Vistafolia replica green walls and potted foliage (The Flawless Flowerpotâ„¢), as well as live plant green walls throughout the Americas and surrounding Islands. UpScapers supplies, trains and supports a vast network of certified Vistafolia Resellers and is invested in educating the architectural & design community on biophilic design benefits and the faux greening trend.

About Vistafolia
Established in 2014, Vistafolia designs, manufactures, and supplies unique and versatile ultra-realistic lush artificial green wall systems which are sold globally and work in conjunction with UpScapers to service and train its reseller base in the Americas and surrounding islands.


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