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Looking at five floral categories in the 200 largest U.S. cities, Lawn Love came up with these two lists.
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Caspian Lotus Flowers in Kazakhstan

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Caspian Lotus in Kazakhstan Special to Road Trips for Gardeners
By Kazakh Tourism

In the heart of a remote corner near the Caspian Sea, a natural wonder awaits those who thirst for the extraordinary. A spectacle that seems straight out of a dream, where vibrant lotus flowers rise above the water’s surface like floating gems, awaits the intrepid traveler. These awe-inspiring fields of lotus flowers stand as a testament to the power of nature’s beauty, capturing hearts and souls in their delicate embrace.

As the sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, the lotus fields near the coast of the Caspian Sea come to life. Like a symphony of colors and fragrances, these flowers stretch out as far as the eye can see, creating an otherworldly panorama that’s nothing short of breathtaking. What’s even more remarkable is that these lotus fields are the northernmost in the world, a unique natural occurrence that makes this destination an unparalleled treasure for those seeking the extraordinary.

Nestled in the Kurmangazy Region, these fields of lotus flowers paint the deltas of the Kigach and Sharonovka Rivers with vibrant hues during the blooming season, which graces the region from July to August. To witness this spectacle, one must embark on a journey that combines the thrill of adventure with the serenity of nature’s wonders.

Your voyage to the lotus fields will lead you southwest from the town of Atyrau, covering a distance of 300 kilometers. But fear not, for the reward is worth every mile traveled. After reaching the village of Ganyushkino, the journey continues, and a few more kilometers by boat through the Kigach River will transport you to this paradise of lotus blossoms.

Standing amidst these radiant flowers, you’ll find yourself captivated by the enormity of the lotus petals, each one as large as a human palm. The symbolism attached to these blooms transcends the visual spectacle. In Buddhist philosophy, the lotus represents purity and enlightenment, blooming in muddy waters yet emerging pristine and beautiful.

The allure of the Caspian lotus flowers is not confined solely to their radiant charm. The surrounding region offers an array of natural wonders and opportunities for exploration. The area’s untouched landscapes serve as a sanctuary for a variety of aquatic birds, from majestic cranes and graceful swans to the elegant herons and assorted species of ducks. The symphony of nature here is orchestrated by the fluttering of wings and the gentle melodies of the waterways.

For those with an angler’s heart, the Caspian Sea’s offerings are unparalleled. The opportunity to cast your line and experience the thrill of fishing in these pristine waters is an experience that transcends the ordinary. Caspian Lotus, Kazakhstan

To embark on this journey, you have options aplenty. Whether you venture independently by car or join the Lotus Bloom eco-tour organized by a travel company, the path to this ethereal wonderland is yours to forge. As you navigate the Atyrau-Astrakhan highway and traverse the pathways that lead to the lotus fields, the anticipation builds, and the marvels of nature await your discovery.

In terms of sustenance and rest, the region offers warmth and hospitality. Recreation centres near the village of Ganyushkino beckon tired travelers with nourishing dishes and comfortable accommodations. The taste of ukha, a flavorful fish soup, and the savory delight of freshly caught fried fish will nourish not only your body but also your soul.

As you stand amidst the Caspian lotus flowers, surrounded by a sea of colours and fragrances, take a moment to reflect on the wonder of the natural world. In these moments, you’ll find yourself connected to the earth’s beauty and the timeless marvels it has to offer. The lotus fields near the Caspian Sea are not just a destination; they are a journey of inspiration, a connection to the rhythms of nature, and an experience that will forever bloom in your heart.

(Photos courtesy of Kazakh Tourism)

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