Without Bugs, There are No Gardens
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If you want to make your garden “buzz” with bees and bugs, consider wildlife gardening.
Road Trips Gardeners know that some of the best gardens in the world are found in the United Kingdom. Of course …

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What Makes Weeds Survive?

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kochia (weed) By Susan Fisk
American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America
(Special to Road Trips for Gardeners)

Home and large-scale growers share a common struggle: weeds!

“The reality is that weeds are super at competing for sunlight, water, and nutrients from our desirable plants. That can cause problems in your home garden or a farmer’s field,” explains Audrey Kalil, North Dakota State University.

Weeds have qualities that seems to guarantee their return, year-after-year. But there are proven techniques:

*Pull weeds early. Be sure to get the roots, too, as these can generate new plants.
*Don’t let weeds to go seed.
*If using herbicides, apply at the correct time of the growing season.
*Prevent their growth with mulches or landscape fabric.
*Give your desired plants the best environment to thrive, crowding out the weeds.

“The best way to tackle these plants is to know your enemy,” Kalil says. “Correctly identify the weed, learn about its growth habit (winter vs. summer annual, seed reproducing, rhizome reproducing, etc.) and then develop your management plan from there.”

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(Photo by Vipan Kumar courtesy of American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America)

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